Stylish Gin for the home bar, classic Gin character, extra fresh notes of bergamot, lemon and lemongrass
Gin with citrus notes and classic character - make your own gin cocktails at home - with HAUSGIN
Fresh, classic, perfect for the home bar - Hausgin


Classic Character - Pretty Fresh!

Looks good in every house bar! A classic and at the very same time fresh Dry Gin for mixing excellent Gin Cocktails with friends at home. A distinct juniper character is accompanied by fresh, natural citrus notes: bergamot, lemon and lemongrass. HAUSGIN sets a great stage for Gin cocktails such as Gin Tonic or Negroni.


Tasting Notes: Juniper and fresh, natural notes of lemon peel, lemongrass and bergamot. Creaminess and richness are added on the palate for a perfect drinking experience.


GOLD & BEST IN CLASS – Craft Spirits Berlin 2023 | SILVER – World Spirits Award 2023


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43,8% Vol. | 500ml


HAUSGIN by Drink Syndikat - juniper and citrus notes for mixing gin cocktails at home.

Handcrafted with natural ingredients

For our Hausgin we use only natural ingredients. It is based on a wheat distillate from Germany and is macerated with juniper from Tuscany and other botanicals. Fresh citrus notes are added to the Gin through separate distillation of lemongrass from Sri Lanka and lemon peel and bergamot from southern Italy. We finally add the distillates to the Gin.

fresh gin from Drink Syndikat - developed for the home bar and excellent gin cocktails at home

The perfect recipes

Gin Tonic: 50ml Hausgin, 200ml Schweppes Dry Tonic, lemon peel

Negroni: 30ml Hausgin, 30ml Campari Bitter, 30ml Antica Formula Vermouth, orange zest

Gimlet: 60ml Hausgin, 20ml Lime Juice Cordial (s.a. Rose’s), lime zest


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