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Cocktail Kit by Drink Syndikat

About Drink Syndikat

About us


Bar culture at home

With this goal, we founded Drink Syndikat in 2014. We are Erik and Jens. We want to inspire and empower people to enjoy excellent drinks at home. We believe that a great cocktail is the perfect home décor item.

With great passion we regularly curate new cocktail sets. Each set is a world of its own. It is full of ideas and surprises: Unusual spirits, recipes with a special twist and exciting stories.

Our Spirits Collection

The expertise of the last few years has now given rise to four unique spirits in the “Drink Syndikat Collection”. All four spirits are ideally suited for drinking neat, but also perfect companions for mixing excellent drinks at home.

Our fresh and citrussy Hausgin, the delicate Port Cask Rum, our sweet treat Cookie Dough Rum and the elegant Hazelnut Rum PX Cask Finish.

Who we are

It’s actually quite simple. In 2014, we, Erik and Jens, founded Drink Syndikat. Because we love good drinks and want everyone to be able to prepare the best drinks in the world at home.


Erik grew up in a family of wine and spirits merchants and probably had no other choice but to develop a deep fascination for exceptional distillates and high-class drinks. He creates new boxes, meets with bartenders and builds partnerships with distilleries.

Favorite drinks: Manhattan and Daiquiri Twists
Contact: erik.pfauth //


There is probably no one who puts on a wider smile when he has just tasted the variety of flavors of a fabulous drink that is new to him. Jens is, among other things, the contact person for retailers and companies looking for the ideal gift.

Favorite drinks: Manhattan / Continental Sour
Contact: jens.hoffmann //

Drink Syndikat - Erik Pfauth und Jens Hoffmann