Hazelnut Rum PX Cask Finish - 12 years old Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum married with Hazelnut Spirit - Hazelnut Rum
Hazelnut Rum by Drink Syndikat

Hazelnut Rum

The Nut Twist

We love high-class rum… and distilled hazelnut. The combination of both worlds is awesome. Hazelnut Rum is based on an excellent rum from Barbados, which was given 12 years to mature in one of the most renowned rum distilleries in the world. We blend it with a Black Forest hazelnut spirit. For the final refinement, we let the blend rest in ex-Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.


Tasting Notes: Expect the aromatics of a matured, smooth and at the same time complex and aromatic rum. On the nose and palate: fruity hints of PX sherry and a natural, authentic note of roasted hazelnuts.


SILVER – World Spirits Award 2023 | SILVER – Craft Spirits Berlin 2023


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Rum-based spirit | 40% Vol. | 500ml
Complex and aromatic

Kissed by roasted hazelnut

Hazelnut Rum - Aged Rum from Barbados

In the beginning was the rum

Our Hazelnut Rum is based on a high-class Barbados rum from the renowned, family-run Foursquare distillery and was aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon whiskey barrels. The smooth, fruity rum unfolds complexly aromatic, sweet and spicy notes. The ideal basis for our Hazelnut Rum!

Nicolas Kröger Wagemut Hazelnut Rum

Refined by Nicolas Kroeger

Finally, our blend rests for several months with rum expert Nicolas Kröger in recently emptied Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. This process combines both distillates into a harmonious product. The barrel aging also provides fruity grape notes and completes the special aroma of Hazelnut Rum.

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