Cookie Dough Rum - Drink Syndikat - Gold Medal at World Spirit Award 2023

Cookie Dough Rum

The true spirit of cookie dough!

The unique flavor of freshly baked cookies, captured in two outstanding rums from Barbados and Panama, aged for 8 and 14 years in American white oak barrels. A perfectly balanced spirit – handcrafted with a distillate of real cookie dough, fresh vanilla beans and a little pinch of Magic.


Tasting Notes: Not a liqueur, but a characterful, spicy premium rum blend with sweet notes of buttery cookie dough, vanilla, caramel and cocoa beans.


GOLD – World Spirits Award 2023 | SILVER – Craft Spirits Berlin 2023


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Rum-based spirit | 40,0% Vol. | 500ml
Cookie Dough Rum

The True Spirit of Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough as a dessert spirit - Cookie Dough Rum

Touched By Real Cookie Dough

The base: A complex and spicy premium blend of Barbados and Panama rum. Both were matured in white oak barrels for 8 and 14 years.
The magic: We marry our rum blend with handcrafted caramel, fresh vanilla beans and a cookie dough distillate from our own recipe.

Cookie Dough Old Fashioned - Recipe with Cookie Dough Rum

Cookie Dough Old Fashioned

Signature Drink by Damien Guichard, Berlin.

– 60ml Cookie Dough Rum
– 2 teaspoon Salty Espresso Syrup*
– 1 teaspoon Haselnut Liqieur
– 1 teaspoon Falernum Rum Liqueur
– 3 drops of Black Walnut Bitters

Garnish: Orange zest
*1 Espresso, equal part of sugar, pinch of salt

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